Welcome! I am Krisler Bailey, your executive function coach and functional medicine certified health coach.

Tailored workshops, 1:1 coaching, and group coaching

Whether you are looking for education on a specific topic or you need personalized coaching, you are in the right place!

In this workshop, I teach you what it takes to navigate college life successfully.

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Krisler on how to achieve my long-desired health goals. In just 2 short months, I was able to accomplish what I could not have accomplished on my own! Krisler's patience, gentleness, intelligence, and motivating spirit helped me to not just formulate my goals, but to execute and succeed. I would recommend her coaching packages to anyone looking to create healthier and happier habits!."

~Lexi M.~

"Krisler has been so helpful! I wasn’t ready to completely change everything (lifestyle, products) and Krisler has made it easy and doable to transition to a healthier lifestyle and keeping the new routines/habits. I’ve had less headaches, less fatigue, and the ability to keep up with my active kids."

~Vivian  K.~

"Working with Krisler helped keep me in check with my own health & wellness journey. The weekly accountability was just what I needed. And she was a sounding board when I was struggling or had something come up that I needed to get an outside opinion on. I was able to break through a weight loss plateau with her guidance. Get you a Krisler in your life! You won’t regret it."

~Brittany R.~

Coach Krisler’s Convos

Wondering what functional (lifestyle) medicine is and how it works? Hear real, unscripted personal stories to learn just how powerful the functional medicine approach to health really is.

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